Layona Saige Dragash Memorial Fund

Layona Saige Dragash Memorial Fund

The Layona Dragash Memorial Fund was established by her grandfather George Dragash to support the things Layona loved in life. Layona attended Lake Station High School where she was first chair on saxophone in the band. In addition to playing music, Layona enjoyed softball, basketball, poetry, art, and fishing.

On September 4, 2016, Layona passed away from smoke inhalation in a home fire that also claimed the lives of her dogs and cat. She was 14 years old. Her dream was to be a child therapist.

Her family and friends remember her as an empathetic and mature young woman. Family members were told that Layona prevented others from hurting themselves. She was always willing to talk to those in need.

The Layona Saige Dragash Memorial Fund will make donations to charities that support children and young adults. The fund will focus on activities and causes Layona was passionate about including: band, athletics, suicide prevention, and others.


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