Shifting Sands Documentary

Supporting environmental awareness in Lake County!

Shifting Sands will explore the diverse ecosystem, journey through the epic history, illustrate the controversial economic and environmental struggles of the past and explore a new way of thinking about our natural world in tandem with our economy. The results of this journey are gathering unique partnerships and showing movement toward wide scale restoration and sustainability of this unique Great Lake Region.

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This project will receive all of the funds Donated by 4099-08-22.

Giveback Details

Donate $25 or more

You will receive a set of notecards with beautiful images of the Indiana Dunes by photographer Pete Doherty and the gratitude of the entire team.


Donate $50 or more

You will receive the above plus a copy of the Shifting Sands DVD once completed an the special gratitude of the team.


Donate $100 or more

You will receive all of the above plus a copy of the accompanying book authored by famous duneland historian Ken Schoon, with extreme gratitude of the team!


Donate $500 or more

You will receive all of the above, plus an historic tour by author Ken Schoon or an environmental tour by environmentalist Lee Botts with a chance to show our gratitude in person!


Donate $600 or more

You will receive the note cards, the DVD, the book, plus a paddling trip through the duneland region with the NWI Paddlers that includes use of Kayak. A wonderful way to see the region from a different point of view by water! A Shifting Sands crew member will be there to see you off and express our gratitude!


Donate $1000 or more

You will receive the note cards, the DVD and book, plus a dinner with the Shifting Sands productions team to discuss the making of the film and tickets to the Premiere event in 2016! A wonderful way for us all to thank you for your support!


Donate $5000 or more

You will receive all of the above and a special spot in the opening bed of the credits of the film. You are our HERO! We want to create an educational component to go with this program and the large donations will help us to accomplish that as well as to complete the film!


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